Video Production

Whether it is filming simple client testimonial videos or full production commercials we are the company for you. Video marketing is the one thing that every business should consider. Places like Syndacast state 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.


Now it is just the conversation of what kind of video is effective for your service/product. At CDNX Media we want to help with that conversation. We are happy to help you produce eye catching content as well as educate you on video and give you some direction.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Perhaps you want to do something a little different with your promotional videos. Animation might be the option for you. A SSRN statistic is "65% percent of the population are visual learners. That is, they use images, pictures, colors, and other visual media to organize and learn information". This translates to animation very well. No matter if you are trying to educate in your video or sell a product you want people to retain your message.


At CDNX we can take you through a step by step process in creating an animation that fits the style of your brand while sharing your message in a precise and clear way.


At our company we understand marketing your business is a big task, and you might not have the budget for everything you would like to do. That is why we offer free videos online with tips and advice on how to help you with your brand.


We also offer affordable hands on packages to help train you on things ranging from social media management to how to make entry level videos on your own. These packages will help get your foot in the door when it comes to content creation. Then when you have larger projects that need done you can give us a call!

Interactive Virtual Tours

Whether your are trying to shine a little extra light on your business or want to feature your venue in a new way our interactive virtual tours are the tool to add to your marketing arsenal. Virtual tours allow the viewer to walk through an interactive 3D model of your location from the comfort of their own home. Use it to send to people who want to book your venue for there next event to help you save time. Or perhaps let potential clients see how welcoming your gym looks to get them physically in the door. The possibilities are endless with our virtual tours and all of its interactive features. Below are some of the various ways to use our tours.

Want to see all of the capabilities of one of our tours in one interactive experience, or perhaps just request a quote? Click the buttons below!

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